Zoof Pets Dog Shoes – No More Slippery and Wet Paws

Aneesha Pillai and Deepak Gupta, consultants in Mumbai, worked with businesses including L&T and Reliance Group to help them adopt innovative technology from 2014 to 2019. The couple, both qualified electronics engineers, wanted to go into product designing and creation, as that was their passion. But they had no idea they would soon be designing and producing canine footwear.

They had carried out product development and prototype. The couple had previously established a service firm and wished to establish a D2C product business.


The two founded a company called Zoof Pets in July 2019; according to the founders, it is the only company in India that creates and sells dog shoes.

For two reasons, they decided to move forward with producing dog shoes. First, they believed it to be a genuine issue for dog owners, and secondly, they simply enjoyed the concept.

Because balloons are waterproof and prevent paws from becoming soiled, Aneesha and Deepak use them around dogs’ paws. This appears to make sense conceptually. So, using natural rubber, the couple created the prototype of Zoof Boots, a brand of dog shoes. One of the main worries for dog owners is that their paws will get damaged or soiled, and these boots prevent these things.


Between July and August of 2019, Deepak and Aneesha developed and meticulously made 100 pairs of Zoof boots, then tried to sell them on Instagram. In just two days, they were all gone, and they realized they had a winning concept at that point.

The founders began hand-making more shoes after being encouraged by the first response to their footwear. After three months of selling shoes on Instagram, they built up their own website to market their items. In November 2020, the team finally transferred all production to the facility. In March 2021, they also constructed their machine to automate the production of their signature Zoof Boots. Industrial sewing machines are used to create the remaining shoes.

The business now offers five different styles of dog shoes, a raincoat, waterproof collars, leashes, and dog paw cream.


Dog shoes are designed and made by Zoof Pets. The startup offers five types of shoes: Boots (flagship), Casuals, Plops, Grips, and Ethnic. There is a price range of INR 599 to INR 1499 for these models.

The Zoof Grips are what we find most intriguing. These are designed to stop dogs from slipping on marble, tile, or hardwood floors, and this guards against excessive stress on their hip and knee joints and stops mobility problems.

They offer a range of sizes for all of their shoes. If the size you need for your dog isn’t offered, they will make it, especially for you! Non-slip indoor shoes called Zoof Grips offer traction on slick surfaces. Puppies and dogs frequently trip and fall on marble or tile flooring in modern homes, and this can result in harm and become a mobility issue. You now know where to go if you have concerns regarding hip dysplasia or paw infections!


Over the previous three years, 10,000 pairs of shoes have been sold by Zoof Pets. Currently, the firm sells an average of 400–500 pairs of shoes monthly and is expanding by 20–25 percent each month. Every month, 19–25 percent of sales come from repeat consumers.

Adventure shoes are the next item on the list after ethnic shoes. For this, Zoof Pets has a well-defined strategy. Every dog moves and runs uniquely. We intend to attach sensors to the adventure shoe prototype to locate the pressure locations. We can create effective designs with the help of this data,” adds Aneesha.

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