5 Luxurious Tropical Plants to Adorn Your Home

Tropical houseplants are fantastic with glossy leaves foliage colours that are bright and vibrant, and most importantly, these plants can be grown easily. One of the reasons why tropical plants thrive well inside the house is because they like to grow in the conditions that are available in the enclosed spaces. Let us find out such 5 top luxurious houseplants that enhance the beauty of your house.

5 best tropical plants that improve the décor of your house

Apart from what we have seen about the tropical plants above, one of the best aspects of these plants is that you do not have to put in a lot of time and energy to maintain them. They demand the least care and maintenance, making them more popular.

Check out the best five here below.

  • Horsehead Philodendron

The plant has emerald green and large foliage leaves that are segmented. They have a waxy texture and appear shiny; they can be seen growing horizontally on the ground on individual vertical stems.

  • Light exposure – Bright indirect light. They are equally comfortable in dark shades and bright coloured lights.
  • Watering needs- You must water the plant if the topsoil becomes dry. Mist spray is best grown in high air humidity.
  • Place of origin – South Africa

  • Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid is another tropical plant that thrives well indoors. It is well known for long-lasting blooms.

  • Light exposure –Bright to dim light, indirect
  • Watering-Grows best in dechlorinated water at room temperature for 10 minutes to 15 minutes and just once a week, followed by draining.
  • Place of origin –Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Australia, India, Taiwan, Philippines, and Indonesia.
  • Golden Pothos

This is another tropical foliage plant that is easily maintained as a houseplant. It helps in purifying the air. It has beautiful heart-shaped leaves that can be seen in two colours, green and gold.

  • Light exposure -Do not expose it to direct light at any cost. Low light and indirect.
  • Watering requirement –It can survive without being watered for weeks, but you must water it when the topsoil has become dry.
  • Place of origin –Mo’orea, in French Polynesia, is one of the Society Island. However, it has become a natural plant in many subtropical and tropical countries.
  • Baby Rubber plant

Also known by the name pepper face, the Baby Rubber plant is an elegant tropical houseplant that grows well indoors. The leaves are round and have a deep emerald colour.

  • Watering requirement –Watering the plant lightly twice a week or just once a week will do. Allowing the topsoil to dry up in between sessions of watering.
  • Place of origin – Caribbean, Mexico, and Florida
  • Red Coral

Red Coral is just perfect as an indoor tropical houseplant. The leaves have dents that are long and purple-red.

  • Lighting requirement –Bright light will do, but it must not be direct. Light impacts the colouring of the leaf. Purple foliage usually is in response to bright light.
  • Watering requirement –It is drought resistant. Water sparingly will do and water it only when the topsoil is dried up.
  • Place of origin –South and Central America

Tropical elegant and luxurious houseplants are unique and have a beauty of their own. Their individuality makes them special and beautiful.

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