Why Does My Cat Meow When Playing with Toys?

You probably know what your cat is trying to tell you when it wants you to curdle after getting up from sleep and pet it. When it is hungry, you will know how it behaves, but have you ever wondered why a cat meows when it plays with toys? This is exactly what we will find out in this brief article.

Cats meowing while playing with toys

It is a common sight for all cat owners to see their cat meowing with a toy in its mouth. And why does it do so in the first place? It draws your attention and wants you to know how great a job it has done by “capturing” the toy prey.

Cats are vocal while expressing emotions.

According to the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, when cats live in wild surroundings, you will see them using their voice only when nurturing their babies and trying to communicate with their partners or enemies. To convey different meanings to you, cats usually use their voice. Different emotions are conveyed by raising, altering, modifying the pattern, pitch, volume, intensity, and frequency of their voice tone.

For instance, if your cat wants you to know that it is hungry, the sound it makes will be markedly different from when it wants you to know that it wants to relieve itself or needs a cuddle.
So, when you hear the “cat meow” sound with a toy in its mouth, it wants you to appreciate it for having captured the toy. It also indicates that it has won its prize and belongs to it. If you continue praising your cat, it will perhaps also take you to the place from where it has found it.

The emotion is similar to you getting a raise or buying new stuff for your home, and you feel proud of it.

Other noises cats make with their toys in the mouth.

Aside from meowing with the toy in its mouth, it is common to see the cat tucking away the toy on a water dish or a food plate. It does not necessarily mean that it is trying to make the toy bathe or feed. As per cat experts, this behavior implies that it is trying to keep the present or the toy prey that it has captured in a safe place. It is a common feline behavior.

This is because the cat’s dish and water dish belongs to it. So, he considers that area a territory that it can rely upon. This is a behavior similar to a mother protecting her child and tucking it away in a place away from any danger.

Remember, this “cat meow” is a natural instinctive behavior, and it also indicates that your cat pet is normal and is leading a healthy and happy life. Playtime for felines is crucial as this is the time it learns to hunt, protect its things, and be in a happy and healthy space.

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