How to Prepare Vegetable Recipes for Dogs

Just like us, your pet dog must eat vegetables too. A healthier diet, after all, revolves around not just adequate proteins but leafy vegetables and roughage too. Let us find out how you can make vegetable recipes for dogs, especially if your dog is the fussy type.

Healthy vegetable recipes for dogs

You have the following options to choose from if you are planning to include more vegetables in your dog’s diet.


Dogs cannot digest all types of food. And it does not have the right set of teeth that can help them break down the vegetables. So, to make matters easier for them, you can boil the vegetables for them. This will render them digestible, easy to chew, and most importantly, you can be sure that your dog will not suffer from acidity.


Blanching and boiling go hand in hand. But there is a little difference between the two. While boiling the vegetables remain in hot water, blanching includes taking the boiled vegetables out and putting them into cold water. In this way, you will preserve the nutrients present in the vegetables.

Blanching has another benefit as well. It will retain the color, texture, and flavor of the vegetables by stopping the enzymes from acting. At the same time, it will keep the vegetables soft, ready to chew, and easily digestible.


In this process, you must take the vegetables in a perforated vessel. Place this vessel on boiling water under pressure. So, the steam that rises from boiling the water cooks the vegetables. Since steam takes a shorter time to cook the vegetables, you take less time to cook this recipe. Another important aspect you must remember about this procedure is that the vegetables do not lose the nutrients, and the minerals, phytochemicals, and vitamins are retained in their original form.

Not only that, steaming makes the vegetables softer and tender, which makes it easier for your dog to digest. It prevents indigestion, bloating, acidity, and flatulence, all of which can be very uncomfortable for your pet dog.

• Make a puree

The processes mentioned above make the vegetables tasty and healthy. However, not all dogs will prefer chewing the vegetables. Making a puree of vegetables for such pet dogs is the best way to feed your dog raw vegetables.

By making a puree of the vegetables, the cellulose wall of the vegetables disintegrates, making available the nutrients to your pet dogs. The best part is that the puree you get can be frozen into cubes which you can use later.

• Baking

Baking food is equally good for both human beings and pets. You can roast the vegetables at high temperatures and prevent the loss of nutrients.

Try out the above methods so that your pet dog can get an adequate dose of vegetables that contain loads of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, which are required for the healthy growth of the pet dog. Preparing vegetable recipe for dogs is not hard, as long as you pour love into it. Your pooches are surely going to love tasting these.

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