Secrets to Stop Dog Barking Noises

Dogs are man’s best friends. But sometimes, they can become so unruly that you wished that you never brought it home. You must have often seen dogs getting what they want by simply barking and whining at you. Sometimes, to avoid the dog barking noises, you might have to give in. For this reason, you must have seen many dogs now staying at shelters simply because the owners could not control their pets. However, before thinking of sending these innocent creatures off to the shelters, here are a few tricks you can try out to stop your dog from demand barking.

Tips to stop your dog from demand barking

These are the tips that you can follow. Check them out below-

• Ignore it

If you can exercise a little patience and ignore; it might help. It has also been seen to work better. When your dog barks, it is seeking your attention. So, you might as well try to make it understand that what your dog is doing right now is not correct. But when you are pacifying, you are still paying attention to it. So, do not respond; just ignore the dog barking noises. The moment he becomes quiet, praise him or play with him. Over time, he will realize that he will get the attention it desires if it remains silent. So, you must convey the message that quietness means loving, appreciation, and cuddling.

Teach a default behavior or assign a job

You must train your dog to get a treat only when he behaves well, and for that, he needs to sit quietly in one corner. Alternatively, he might lie down or wait for the treat. But no amount of barking and shouting would give him the attention or the present it is longing for.

Use an auto trainer

Many devices are available in the market that will automatically reward your dog when it stops barking. This is inculcated over time, and the dog realizes the same. These devices can be used for dogs that bark severely.

Do not let the habit grow.

If you have just bought a puppy home, and it still has not learned demand barking, do not let it learn at all. How will you do this? This can be understood with the help of a few instances. Let us say you are playing with a ball and your pet wants it, you do not throw the ball, so it starts barking. Make it understand that the moment it starts barking, you are no longer playing with it, and you walk away.

But the moment you hear silence, you return to play. In this way, it will relate to silence with you coming back and realize that dog barking noises will only make you walk away and you will not be around until the behavior changes.

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