Tips to Remove Dog Smell in House

If you have a dog pet at home, it is quite likely that your house will smell or rather stink. But the worst part is that this dog smell in house may seep into everything. For instance, you might get the smell in your furniture, upholstery, flooring, carpet, and just about anything that is at home.

But it is quite likely that you might get used to the smell, but when you have guests at home, they may not like it at all and perhaps avoid visiting your due to the dog smell in house. So, how must you get rid of the smell?

Let us find out more about this in the paragraphs that follow.

Options to get the stink out of your house

Find out the solutions here so that your house does not smell your pet dog all over.

• Vacuum clean everything

More often than you think, you must vacuum clean every corner of your house, starting from carpets, cushions, curtains, furniture, floors, rugs, mattress, and every room. If you did not have a dog and if you would have vacuum cleaned your home thrice a week, with a pet dog at home, five days a week would be better still. Most importantly, with so much vacuum cleaning, you must make sure that the filter is changed frequently, else such a lot of effort will not pay off.

• Sweep and mop

Sweep your floors with a good sweeping cloth. By doing so, the dog hair will cling to the cloth, which you can dust off. Follow this with mopping, and use a good and medicated floor cleaner. By doing so, you are also keeping the indoors sanitized and clean. If you have kids or elderly members at home, they will not suffer from allergies.

Use baking soda

Baking soda is one substance that will neutralize other odors, but itself will not smell. If you have upholstery that can be removed, deep clean them with water and baking soda, which will neutralize the dog smell in house .

• Buy a washable bed for your pet.

Your pet dog’s bed or the mattress is where all the small breeds are. From hair, dander, saliva, urine, dirt, and everything dirty surrounding the pet dog can be found here. So, frequently, you must wash this bed. Washing this bed frequently will solve half of your problems. And clean it regularly. If you do not have a bed that can be washed, it is time to buy one that can be washed frequently.

• Let air circulate within the rooms.

We know cross ventilation is secret to fresh and circulating air. Keep all the windows and doors open, especially in the room where your pet lives. At least the air will not standstill causing the smell to build up.

• Buy an air purifier.

Investing in an air purifier will help kill the bacteria and fungi in the air that contributes to bad odor in the house.

The solutions mentioned above are just a few tips that you can bank upon to drive away dog smell in house. Try them out. They work well.

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