Purina Pet food – A much sought-after pet food brand

Purina Pet Food was found to deliver excellent sales figures across the globe in the first half of 2022. This resulted in boosting sales of the parent company of Purina, namely Nestle. This was discovered after Nestle made its financial results available on July 28th. 

Purina pet care food sales reached the CHF8,589 million mark, which is equivalent to USD$9.03 billion in the first few months of 2022. 

If you have kept track of the statistics, you will find that this is a surge from the previous CHF7,403 (or USD$7,782 million) during the same period last year. The real internal growth attained the 5.1% mark manifesting an organic growth of 13.9%. 

Purina Pet Food

Regarding product category, the biggest contributor to organic growth, Purina Pet Care, was ahead of the others. The same applies to the other products in the same category, including Purina Pro Plan, Fancy Feast, and Purina ONE. The company said the same in its press release. 

How did the company perform worldwide? 

In the North American division of Purina, Purina PetCare was the biggest contributor to the overall sales of its parent company Nestle. This led to the company gaining momentum in its sales and brand enhancement. 

Veterinary products like Fancy Feast and Purina ONE posted remarkable figures in sales that were double digits growth, and Purina Pro Plan was not way behind. Another product that has been newly added to the portfolio is PurinaONE Microbiome Balance, which contributed equally to the growth. 

Purina’s European market

Fueled by the premium brands like Purina ONE, Gourmet, and Purina Pro Plan, these products were also found to add to the revenues. Noticeably, the demand was higher in the pet specialty stores and the e-commerce portals, and a new Purina cat food was also in demand. 

Africa, Oceania, and Asian divisions of Purina

Japan reported a mid-single digit growth, triggered by the unique demand for Purina Pet care food. The demand for Purina Pro Plan, Purina ONE, and Felix continued to grow, registering growth by single digits. The other products like Dental Life, Fancy Feast, and Mon Petit were in demand too. 

Latin America

It was observed that the market share of Purina in this region improved and grew. The growth of Purina PetCare food recorded double=digit growth, fostered by Dog Chow, Purina Pro Plan, and Cat Chow, eventually leading to growth in demand for Purina across Latin America. Chile sales grew by double-digits due to higher sales of Purina Pet Care, and Purina Pet Care was much sought after in Mexico. 

Purina is a company for pet lovers. Due to its excellent quality, responsible sourcing, sustainability, and innovation, besides several other essential aspects, Purina has stayed ahead of its counterparts and competitors. 

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