The Success Story of Shirin Merchant, Canines Can Care

Shirin Merchant is a groundbreaker in the domain of dog training and activities in India. Merchant has assisted pet parents in India, England, and Sri Lanka since 1995, with conduct and breeding hitches varying from housetraining, ascendancy, hostility, masticating, damage to obsessive behaviors, and monotony.

Shirin Merchant is the sole individual in Asia who has received a certification from the privileged KCAI plan of the Kennel Club of England for behaviorists and dog trainers in behavioral training and buddy dog training. Shirin is one of the eight citizens in the world to get the reward of the esteemed certification in behavioral training.

The Ministry of Women and Children and the President of India congratulated Shirin Merchant at the First Ladies Awards– for those ladies who have surpassed hurdles to attain a landmark and are acknowledged to be the ‘1st’ in their particular areas.

When did the journey begin for Shirin?

In 1995, Shirin began functioning in the domain of dogs. Merchant was the earliest competent canine behaviorist in India and the first individual in India who undertook canine conduct difficulties with the help of the discipline of canine psychology.

So far, the voyage hasn’t been a cakewalk for Merchant. She has overpowered several impediments to implementing the modifications she has made in India. However, she sincerely considers that any dog having behavioral concerns or schooling can get assistance without the need for rough breeding tools or techniques of coercion.


John Rogerson, a world-famous instructor and canine behaviorist, encouraged Shirin to study in England. Merchant took more than four years to study, contend in operational tests, and train from some of the top instructors in England.


Shirin Merchant conceived – Canines Can Care – the 1st entity devoted to initiating a range of canine-linked operations in India. The company has been a groundbreaker for Assistance Dogs in the country.


Shirin launched the first canine periodical in India– Woof! The Mag with a Wag! The Limca Book of Records incorporated it for being the 1st in its category in India. The journal featured a broad variety of writings on every facet of dogs and dog parenthood. It kept the subscribers up-to-date on the most recent affairs on Search and Rescue Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and Assistance Dogs in India and throughout the world. The periodical fixed the benchmark for other similar canine journals in India.


Canines Can Care had a fresh feather to its cap once it initiated the idea of ‘Canines For Corporates’. These were off-location coaching campgrounds with distinction. Here partakers acquired knowledge and grew a range of skill sets that would assist them throughout life and occupation – all by communicating with and breeding dogs.


Shirin went for one of the toughest canine tests in the world, the KCAI. It is the certification plan from the Kennel Club of England for behaviorists and dog instructors. She fruitfully qualified for a rigorous viva voce and practical test to become the first individual in Asia to obtain certification in Behavioral Training and Companion Dog Training.

With the behavioral training certification under her belt, Shirin is currently the sole individual in Asia, and one of the eight individuals in the world to have accomplished it. Dog aficionados in Asia presently can have admittance to one of the tops in the world to assist them in studying dog training and behavior.


Shirin received the high-status International Commendation prize for Trainer of The Year from the Kennel Club of England, the KCAI certification program for dog trainers and behaviorists. The conferment of the honor took place at Cruft’s, the biggest dog exhibition in the world organized in Birmingham, England. Shirin is the first and sole individual in the world to date to have ever attained this accolade.


Merchant became the first person from India to be invited to deliver a lecture to worldwide spectators of expert canine instructors at the Las Vegas Annual Association of Professional Dog Trainers Conference in the US.

In March of the same year, Shirin got an invitation from China to deliver a speech on Assistance dog breeding to China-based behaviorists and canine instructors.


TEDx Gitam University, Vizag invited Shirin to deliver a speech on how human beings can gain knowledge and profit from interaction with dogs.

In March, Shirin conceived, guided, and made the first academic dog TV program in Sri Lanka, Asia– Unleash! With Shirin Merchant.


In January, the President of India Shri Ramnath Kovind, and Smt. Maneka Gandhi, the Union Minister of Women and Child Development congratulated Shirin at the Rashtrapati Bhavan during the First Ladies Awards – for females who have overcome hindrances to accomplish a landmark and are adjudged to be the ‘top’ in their specific domains. The accolade is an immense credit in acknowledgment of her contribution for decades in India.

In March, the Indian Army’s Remount and Veterinary Corps Center requested Shirin to be a guest orator at a conference for the military officers in Meerut. She delivered on the theme of “Latest Developments in the field of Military Working Dogs’ Psychology and Communication of Humans with Canines”.


TEDx Dharavi invited Shirin to Mumbai to deliver a speech on “Can We Learn Humanity From Dogs?” Shirin has various schemes in store for the approaching years, to foster the domain of dog training and behavior in India.

What are the services provided by Canines Can Care?

The services provided by Canines Can Care comprise the following:

  • Behavior consulting – Via accredited trainers
  • Courses – Canine aggression course, canine trainer course, kenneling course, canine behavior course, and therapy dog assessor course
  • Workshops – Pet Parenthood workshops, canine for corporate, and canine behavior workshops for veterinarians
  • Service dogs – Therapy Dogs, Assistance Dogs
  • Online learning – Online canine behavior course, webinars, and online dog therapy course

Where has Shirin set up the office for Canines Can Care?

Merchant has set up the office for Canines Can Care at Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Why Shirin Merchant stands out from others?

The world assumed it would be impossible for Indian women to instruct dogs. Shirin Merchant thought otherwise and subsequently moved ahead to demonstrate to them how. Shirin didn’t just breed dogs, rather for more than twenty-four years, she diligently functioned to alter the mode in which dogs get bred in India from techniques of coercion and hurt to softer, optimistic schooling processes.

Today, if a canine instructor tells a dog parent it is impossible, the speedy rejoinder will be – “If Shirin can, we can.” Kudos to Shirin, dog aficionados in India presently consider that there is a more tolerant outlook to any concern at all times.

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